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About us 

English is the global language. This phrase was heard on our ears .Our life experiences have proved to us our urgent need for English. At Oxford we have shortened the distance to master the English language as if you were in UK instead of going to there.

What is Oxford Academy? 

The Oxford English Academy is a high-quality international organization with a distinguished team, and an irreplaceable name to cover the need to teach English to businesses and individuals.
Oxford English Academy is specialized in providing general English language courses and also offers TOEFL and IELTS courses. Oxford Academy is an accredited center to offer several international tests in the English language such as TOEFL ibt and MARLINS. Oxford Academy is proud to train more than thirty thousand trainees in different cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in cooperation with more than fifty institutions from the public and private sectors.
Our motto at Oxford Academy is :
Learn the language from its source.
This dream that has become true.

Oxford English Academy is achieving new progress every day. We believe that success is a journey, not a distention. Our values are:
• We are the breakers of fear from learning English.
• We conduct our work with integrity & honesty.
• Teamwork is the heart of our success.
• Client satisfaction come first.

The Oxford English Academy is to provide learning experience that will always encourage success. We develop potential desires and help you achieving your goals. For that, we work towards the following:
• Increase our services.
• Raise quality of teaching.
• We provide English as a culture. 

If you share our passion for changing the lives of young people through education; we’d like to meet you. So, our motto: Learning and Leading for the World of Tomorrow. We will inspire learning, promote the achievement of all and develop leaders for the future.
"Language from it’s original resources". We in Oxford are working hard to bring original English to you. 

To be a leading organization to provide quality English worldwide.

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Average Passing is 96%

Our students make significant progress in English in just few weeks


More than 5000 Smarter Books

The solutions we have chosen have proven successful with millions of students around the world


More than 4000 students per year

We have succeeded in making more than 15,000 students and parents satisfied with the results

Our Courses 

General English

This course is designed to help you in speaking, reading, writing, listening, and providing levels from beginner to advanced

Business English

This course is designed to help you develop your English in the workplace in terms of communication, email, phone conversations, and meetings


This course is designed to help students speak English more fluently in their daily lives

 Test Preperation

This course is designed to help students to get high scores on tests

 Kids Club

This course is designed for children to help them develop their English language

 Online Courses

We offer general English levels
Online for students who cannot attend Oxford, Live or recorded

  Our Clients 

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